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Ngariki is a well known local Newcastle guitarist, vocalist and songwriter...

Ngariki has played in numerous bands around Newcastle Australia. In the 1990's he played in Extreme Blues with original members: Kent Jackson and Danny Davidson with guests including: Glenn HoneRobert 'Bobby Sox' Matthews, T.K., Bob Spencer, Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Steve 'Duke' Earl, Peter Houlihan, Chris Lowe, Craig Rosevear, Steve Fuller and George 'Chookie' Cotsioucos. In Fancy Nancy with: Sharon Dormer, Sharon Knight, Geoff De Silva, Nick Raschke, Braden Wilkinson, Kent Jackson, Rob Bell, Peter Lidiard and Danny Davidson. In Freak Shop with: Ron Bult, Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Pete 'Cyd' Lindsay, Nick 'Mate' Rosetti, Mark Black, Darren Brollo, Brad Heaney, Paolo Vellicelli, Steve Fuller, Rick Manevski, Brien McVernon and Bob Daisley .

He played with Stomp Bucket with members: Dino Di Vitas, Marty Bourke, David Bell, Mick King and Micky Barker. In the Glam Gods with the characters Ron Bult as Thunder, Dennis Butler as Tommy Doubter, Steve 'Mac' McLennan as Damien Hades, Brien McVernon as Jehova St Andrew, Brad Duncan as Badly Drunken, Peter Hoolahan as Karen Carpenter, Peter Lindsay as Cyd, along with Ngariki as Rudy Schwarz. Ngariki played in Gobblers Knob with Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Peter Lindsay and Ron Bult. He played in the band Tokin Whitey with Sharon Dormer, T K, Kim Pink, Romano Kolo, Josh Callaway, Kent Jackson and Fred Feletti. The band Weld with Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Mark Tinson, Pete 'Cyd' Lindsay, Trevor Dare, Christine Lindsay, Pete Johns, Julie Wilson, Sue Carson, Glenn Hone, Ron Bult and Linda Joon Weatherburn.

Ngariki played guitar for the band Yiante (pronounced Yun-Tay). Members of Yiante included: Ian Sandercoe: vocalist, Robert 'Bobby Sox' Matthew: bass, Craig Lancaster: drums, Tony Heaney: keyboards and Paul Elliot: guitar. The band changed members: David Carter replaced Robert 'Bobby Sox' Matthews on bass; Craig Lancaster was replaced by Chris Lowe as drummer and Paul Elliot was replaced by Ngariki on guitar, Tony Heaney was replaced by Josh Callaway on keyboards and Steve 'Mac' Mclennan replaced Chris Lowe in 1997 on drums. Yiante has performed with Deborah Conway, Jenny Morris, Tall Tales and True, Silverchair, Merril Bainbridge, Armi, Loving Helena, Silent Scream, Maree Hawker, Boom Crash Opera and Steve Gibson.

The album titled Yiante Bloodfire by Ian Sandercoe made its way to London, and was used as pre-show music for Dein Perry's Tap Dogs. Ngariki wrote and recorded material with Ian Sandercoe at Fresh Milk Studio's Dungog, eventually culminating in the epic 15 track album Earthday (Bloodfire MK2). Two songs from the album were used in the Australian feature film titled Bootmen in which Ian Sandercoe: vocal, Paul Elliot: guitar, David Carter: bass and Craig Lancaster: drums performed as themselves.

Ngariki played guitar on the track Sugar Train with Ian Sandercoe, Sam Aulton and Kerry Miller, recorded at Fresh Milk Studio's Dungog.

In 2000 a dispute over the members chosen to represent the band in Bootmen was based on shortened studio time for the films recording, requiring the most experienced and well rehearsed members to perform on the day. Effectively the band Yiante dissolved following the recording for Bootmen, with Ngariki, David Carter, Paul Elliot and Craig Lancaster forming covers bands and Ian Sandercoe moved to Victoria to pursue solo and theatrical works.

Ngariki also played in the band Shoephone with Kent Jackson, Danny Davidson, Col Stein, Kerry Miller, Shane Simmonds, Kim Pink, and George Coutsioucos. Crank with members Ken Jewel and Darren Brollo. The Big Bad Bee's with Trevor Dare, Pete 'Cyd' Lindsay and Steve McLennan. Steve Russell's Blues Power (renamed Exreme Blues) with Steve Russell, Danny Davidson, Greg Dawson and Kent Jackson.

Throughout the early 2000's Ngariki played in numerous bands including: 24 Strings with Dave Carter, Paul Elliot and Bob Corbett. He played in the band Last Rock 'n' Roll Band in Newie with Trevor Dare, Kenny Jewel and Steve McLennan. In the Ngariki Electric Band with Kane Starkey, Robbie Bell, Marty Paget and Steve McLennan. In Bulls Eye Merkins with Robert 'Bobby Sox' Matthews, Kenny Jewel and Steve 'Mac' McLennan. Extreme Blues MK2 with Kim Pink, Kent Jackson, Steve Fuller and Chris Lowe. High Horse with Robert 'Bobby Sox' Matthews, Rob Banks and Chicken George. The Whispering Jack Show with Mike Vee, Amy Vee, Crystal Young, Candice Lou, Carrie Holstein, Mel McGregor, Peter  McVie, Simon Endersby, Chris King, Phil Bellamy, Jochen Walter, Chris Lee, Brad Elliot and Steve Fuller. The The Smakka and Waddy Experience with Steve 'Mac' McLennan and special guest Mark Tinson.

He achieved acclaim at the 2006 ABC Newcastle Music Awards:

ABC Music Artist of the Year Artist: Ngariki
ABC Music Publishing / APRA Songwriters and Composers Recognition Award Artist: Bob Pigott
Pop - Ron_e - U Could Have Been My Girl
Combined Gospel & Theatre - Hudson & Higginbotham - Voyage To Ke Alohi Lani
Urban (Including Hip Hop, Electronica and RnB) – Domestiques – Rude Girl
Blues & Roots – Ngariki - Remember
Combined Classical & Instrumental – Dr Goodvibe – El Dibujo
Country – Katie Brianna – Guiding Hand
Folk – Bob Corbett – Dangling Upside Down
Hunter Broadcasters’ Choice – The Receptionists – The Rigging
Adult Contemporary - Emily Jane - Miss You
Jazz - Dorian Mode - Lydia's Waltz
Rock - Lover - Never
Alternative - Amna Ali Kamal - Porn Addicts
Heavy Rock – Jinn - Inanimate
Best Young Talent – Beth Robertson – You Make My World Shine
Best Female Vocals - Marissa Saroca
Best Male Vocals – Dean Kyrwood
Central Coast Broadcasters’ Choice – Rocwater – Good Day
Listeners’ Choice – Head Of State - Pointless

Get more information about Ngariki at Ngariki’s website: Ngariki's MySpace page

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Justin Bolth

Justin Bolth Guitarist, Drummer, Singer Song writer

The video that opened the 1233 ABC Newcastle Music Awards, with some of the past winners and nominees from the night. Shot & edited by Matthew Lymbury and Maynard.